A Whimsical Wedding

A couple made for each other! I first met Meghan and Dan when I photographed their engagement session for my friend and local photographer, Michael Solberg. I immediately knew that this couple would be forever! Later I was asked to assist Mike at their wedding, I was overjoyed to capture every moment of their gorgeous day with them! I was very impressed, the day started relaxed and perfectly on time. Meghan had every moment down to the minute on a very organized and well thought out syllabus for the whole day! Meghan and her ladies shared in many laughs while they were getting ready. Meanwhile Dan and his guys where relaxing downstairs waiting ever so patiently to begin getting ready! After the men were suited up and the ladies were back from Mike taking their photos; I met the guys at the wedding location, a gorgeous privately owned outdoor venue, for their turn. When I arrived at the ceremony location, which was at the bottom of this gorgeous grassy hill overlooking a quant pond, I was blown away by how absolutely beautiful everything was! Meghan had chosen a summer inspired pallet of colors, which complimented the surroundings beautifully.

You could feel the excitement rise in the audience as the musicians began to play, and the final family members where being seated. I immediately turned my attention to Dan who looked both joyous and anxious while waiting for his bride to be make her grand entrance. Meghan being driven by horse and buggy, finally made her grand appearance and everyone was immediately overjoyed. Meghan and Dan walked down the isle as two people and walked up as one. The love these two share for each other is unimaginable.

Following the beautiful ceremony was bridal party and family photographs, directly following that everyone headed to the reception venue. Upon my arrival at the reception location, I quickly realized there was a giant bouncy castle outside the front doors. Not long after I got out of my car and got all my equipment ready, Meghan approached me. She tells me that not only is the entire wedding party going into the bouncy castle before the grand march but that I will be taking photos of this crazy event from the inside! Being the type of person I am, I hop right into the fun! Some of the best and funniest shots came from that bouncy castle, although it collapsed on us shortly after westarted! All in all, it was a wonderful day surrounded by great people, and delightful moments!

Wedding Ceremony Location: Peterson valley view farms in Glenwood City, WI
Wedding Reception Location:  Dunn County Fish and Game in Menomonie, WI

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