Bohemian Inspired Senior Portraits in Hastings, MN

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This girl is absolutely stunning and seriously rocked the boho look on her senior session in the woods and fields of Hastings! Exploring new places is so exciting! Having never shot at this particular location before I was a little nervous for what kind of lighting I would encounter, what the terrain limitations would be, etc. But I am always up for a new adventure, a new location and a new set of challenges! As we hiked down the ravine past some old mill ruins I quickly realize this was going to be one of my new favorite locations to shoot! After capturing some really great images along the way we finally ended up down along the river which was surrounded my cliffs and gorgeous giant rocks… my type of place for sure!! Adventure Senior Session Location: Old Mill Park in Hastings, MN ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | |…

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Hipster Style Model Session in Hastings, MN

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This is what photographers do on their days off!!! So we kicked off summer with this amazing hipster style model session along the Vermillion river in Hastings! This girl is an extremely talented model that I cannot wait to get in front of my lens and collaborating again soon! Plus she totally rocked the styling by doing her own hair, makeup and wardrobe! We definitely did some serious exploring that evening; neither of us had ever been there before and it was AMAZING! The small root bound path leading down to the river and following up stream to the huge roaring falls nested along the rocks… to the huge old bridge leading to the high cliffsides overlooking the river… to the tall, wispy field where the sun peaked through the clouds to created beautiful backlight to end an already perfect session! Model Session Location: Vermillion Falls in Hastings, MN ©CiogiArt…

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Along the Riverside \\ Senior Portrait

smiling class of 2015 graduate portrait by the creek

What started as a fairly gloomy day threatening rain ended in one of the most powerful sunsets I have ever seen! Unless it’s pouring rain and storming I am always up for going out and doing a session! With what seems like a dreary cloudy day actually is a great opportunity for some subtle diffused light that compliments my style perfectly. Conversely what seems like an overly bright day with no clouds is a perfect opportunity to jump in the shade and get some dramatic slit lighting! This day was definitely one of those times where I am so happy we powered through the less than perfect weather and didn’t reschedule…. after all, you never know what surprises mother nature has in store…like an incredible sunset lasting almost 20 mins! Now a little bit about the shoot….! This girl is a-m-a-z-i-n-g…. so photogenic, full of energy and all smiles all…

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Classy & Stylish Senior Session in Hudson

naturally radiant high school grad girl sitting by the river laughing

The future is full of excitement, wonder and limitless possibilities! Being a high school senior only happens once in your life, so your senior session shouldn’t be anything less than perfect! It’s an opportunity to capture who you are as a person, what drives you, what inspires you and who you want to be. Now on to this beautiful senior girls session….! A Perfect location, beautiful subject and warm morning sun was the perfect recipe for this high school seniors photo session. There is nothing better than shooting in the early morning just after sunrise with the warm morning sun gently lighting your subject. I just love when all the elements of a shoot come together harmoniously: the wardrobe, hair, makeup, subject, location and the lighting, just like in this session! We did more than just walk through a beautiful park taking pretty pictures, together we made it a once…

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Country Girl \\ Senior Portrait

model like senior girl portrait country barn

Beautiful afternoon sun with a gorgeous farm location and a stunning high school senior made for the perfect graduate session of 2014! After posting a casting call in the early months of this year for a couple local high school students to be the face of CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography Graduates and this beautiful girl was recommended and interested, I knew this was going to be an amazing session! Then add her boyfriend’s family farm, gorgeous summer sun and antique props to the equation… let’s just say I was in senior portrait heaven!! I have to say my favorite part of the day was when we setup inside the old barn, extra care had to be taken with every step to ensure we wouldn’t fall through the floor! Walking in I immediately knew these shots would be my favorite, the sun was streaming in through the small slits between the handmade…

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Natural Beauty \\ Senior Portraits

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Surrounded by old buildings, inspiration and gorgeous diffused light; we started photographing this natural beauty on the historical streets of downtown Stillwater, MN. After getting some great shots in town, we packed up and headed to one of my favorite local waterfalls in Osceola, WI for another set of great portraits in a more natural setting! Although it wasn’t the warmest day, this amazing high school senior braved the cold in her prom dress for a few quick shots in front of the elegant falls! Congratulations class of 2014!! Senior Session City Location: Stillwater, MN Senior Session Waterfall Location: Cascade Falls in Osceola, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | | | All Rights Reserved© < p style="text-align: center;">

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Trendy Senior Session in River Falls


Taken in the heart of River Falls, WI among the vast beauties of city meets nature! We hiked along the riverside; through mud, water and rocks to capture all these stunning photographs of this gorgeous senior! The session ended on the historic streets of River Falls, for some glamorous urban shots! Graduate Session Location: Glen Park in River Falls, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | | | All Rights Reserved©

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Class of 2014 Athlete \\ Graduate


We started this session at the local high school football field in New Richmond, WI before heading to Willow Falls in Hudson, WI. I had a great time with this class of 2014 graduate; learning just how much goes into football gear and prep as well as hiking along the riverside! We decided to do the studio session on a separate day because it was definitely time for a dinner break after all those great photos and all that walking! Senior Session Sports Location: Football Field in New Richmond, WI Senior Session Location: Willow Falls in Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI Indoor Studio Senior Session: In his home in New Richmond, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | | | All Rights Reserved©

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