Classy Bohemian Style Bridal Session!

This boho inspired bridal session was beyond AMAZING!!

I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous ladies bohemian inspired wedding this summer… obviously I couldn’t wait to get her in front of my lens a second time! I love getting intimate one on one time with my brides, no stress of the wedding day, no time restrictions… just us, the dress and the woods!!

This idea sprung up from her wedding styling paired with the beautiful antique decor found along my other bridal shoot journey! Click here to view it! From auctions, to garage sales, to local antique shops, piece by piece, it all came together PERFECTLY!! Now let’s talk about the flowers… Well, I ran into this quick tutorial online on how to make your own wedding bouquet… sounded easy enough…right?!! So I ran to my local florist in Osceola, Wildwood Flowers, asked the wonderful lady for some “wild looking flowers” for a bridal bouquet for the next day!! She looked at me like I was nuts… but kindly went back and grabbed me a beautiful array of flowers and greens. I gave her a little insight into my “do it yourself” bridal bouquet plan… which thinking back must have sounded pretty lame to a pro florist, haha! She was nothing but helpful in my silly endeavor, evening arranging the flowers to resemble a wild flower bouquet!! From there I headed home, with confidence in my heart and art on my brain! So I followed the steps in the video and separated the flowers in nice organized piles, (why I didn’t leave it how she had it, I will never know!) After about 10 tries of elegantly placing each flower and green in the proper places I had almost given up entirely, until inspiration struck, I changed my thought process on the whole experiment and struck mini gold!! Looking back the experience was well worth it, the bouquet and center piece don’t look awful after all (yes, a professional would have done WAY better, but I am happy with how they turned out!!)

We photographed late in the day on the bluffs of my favorite local state park. Starting just before sunset to create a warm and romantic feel to the final images. Rebecca did her own hair and makeup for the day, accomplishing the beautiful bohemian look!! She had so much fun getting all done up and being a “bride” again!!

After an exciting two week planning process of collecting decor, finding the perfect jewelry, the whole bouquet fiasco and making the table (thanks to my honey for his awesome woodworking skills!) Everything came together, with the right light, perfect location and the beautiful bride!!

Bridal Session Location: Wisconsin Interstate Park in St. Croix Falls, WI

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