New Life

Introduction to your new life session

There is nothing more extraordinary then the gift of life. We strive to capture every tender moment, from the love between you and your spouse during the maternity session, to you and your baby interacting during the newborn session at only a few days new.

The newborn stage is so brief and precious, it provides us a unique opportunity to capture those fleeting moments and create images for you to admire and cherish now and forever.

Your newborn session is held in the comforts of your home, where you and your family can be truly relaxed. Working with both natural and arificial light, we provide portable studio equipment with a variety of props, blankets and backdrops to adapt to your families style.

Sessions starting at $395

We would love to hear from you please contact us to book a session or for more information on packages, indoor studio options or any other questions.

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Planning your new life session

Beautiful natural light is the key to amazing lifestyle photographs, so choosing the right time of the day for your session is critical for both newborn and maternity sessions. The best quality light can be found in the 3 hours following sunrise and the 4 hours prior to sunset.

Organizing outfits for you and your hubby for your maternity session and first family session with your newborn will really unify and enhance your images. Consider your clothing colors, layers, textures, accesories and potential baby props/blankets when organizing outfits.

Remember props such as: booties, onesies, baby blankets, stuffed animals, pets or anything thats meaningful to you and your family!

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