Romantic Sunset Engagement on the Bluffs of the St. Croix River

They cuddled, kissed, romanced and adventured through the woods and bluffs of the picturesque St. Croix River Valley and one of my all time favorite places in Wisconsin!!

Having grow up in the same town in Minnesota but never having met until she was visiting her best friend in college. Her friend simply said, “Gillian you know Josh, Josh you know Gillian… You are from the same hometown!” Somehow they had literally spend their whole lives growing up in the same town, but never managed to cross paths until that very moment… “the moment!” The moment they would find each other and start their love story!! Fast forward to his surprise proposal that started with him setting everything up to look like her nephews photo session. He had her helping with it so he could secretly capture her reaction on camera… so cute, right!! Well when she turned around after handing off her nephew, she came back to him on one knee!!! Cue the “auww’s!!”

These two literally blew me away, they are crazy in love and absolutely perfect together!! We started the session on a short trail into the woods in search of fall colors. We found some great light, yellowing trees and a perfect tree stump, all of which created an amazing first spot on our photo journey! While I was setting the the scene I could immediately tell this was going to be an amazing session!! Their natural interaction with each other brought out pure intimacy and emotion, which I absolutely adore!!! Sometimes it can be hard for a couple or a person to let their guard down enough to allow me to capture them in their true and raw self. But this was not the case with these two; they truly embraced who they are and their intense love for one another to really rock this amazing e-session.

From there we headed out of the woods to one of the greatest views in the area, up on the bluffs along the river. Here we were able to grab some seriously romantic shots of them cuddled up on a blanket… with some lanterns… during sunset… oh yeah, romantic overload am-I-right!?!! How much more perfect of an ending to an amazing photo adventure could this have possibly been?!

Engagement Session Location: Interstate Park in St. Croix Falls, WI

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