Along the Riverside \\ Senior Portrait

What started as a fairly gloomy day threatening rain ended in one of the most powerful sunsets I have ever seen! Unless it’s pouring rain and storming I am always up for going out and doing a session! With what seems like a dreary cloudy day actually is a great opportunity for some subtle diffused light that compliments my style perfectly. Conversely what seems like an overly bright day with no clouds is a perfect opportunity to jump in the shade and get some dramatic slit lighting! This day was definitely one of those times where I am so happy we powered through the less than perfect weather and didn’t reschedule…. after all, you never know what surprises mother nature has in store…like an incredible sunset lasting almost 20 mins!

Now a little bit about the shoot….!

This girl is a-m-a-z-i-n-g…. so photogenic, full of energy and all smiles all the time!! There are times in life when you meet people that you know will be your friend for life, or that you know will really go places and this is one of those times….this girl will move mountains! She’s motivated, educated and gorgeous… what more do I need to say?!

Accompanied by her beautiful mother we started the session at a few of my favorite locations in the park before heading down the long path to the falls. I did manage to get us lost only once…not a proud moment… but quickly recovered and found our way to the stunning three tier waterfall in the heart of the woods! We had enough time to grab some truly spectacular low light shots of her in front of the waterfall before her mother spotted the intense rays of light piercing through the clouds behind us… wow is an understatement! We quickly moved to a location tucked in the woods with the clearest spring fed creek that I knew would reflect the light beautifully… and that it did! We got some of the most incredible photos in that small window of light, and I have to say she was incredible… standing barefoot in a freezing creek, balancing on a downed tree across the water, listening to me boss her around.… not one single complaint… what a trooper!

Senior Portrait Location: Willow River State Park and Willow Falls in Hudson, WI

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