Fun Couple Portraits at Sunset in Osceola, WI

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We always know when we have met “the one…” our one… our true love… our other half; the person that completes us, makes us feel safe, needed, wanted and most of all LOVED!!! These two have only been dating a couple of months and already they know in their hearts that they are forever! We started in a gorgeously lit field an hour before sunset before working our way into the woods along a very narrow dirt path atop the valley to a small fresh spring fed waterfall. There they walked along the creek, gave some love, cuddled and explored! As sunset approached we headed back out of the woods to another gorgeously lit field where we captured some of my absolute favorite shots of the evening! Adventure Couple Portraits Location: Cedar Bend Drawbridge in Osceola, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | | | All Rights Reserved©

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