A Walk in the Park \\ Children & Family


Had a blast following these two adorable blonde ladies around the park. There was tons of laughter, smiling and adorable moments to capture! Family Session Location: Moir Park in Bloomington, MN ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | www.ciogiart.com | facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography | All Rights Reserved©

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Trendy Senior Session in River Falls


Taken in the heart of River Falls, WI among the vast beauties of city meets nature! We hiked along the riverside; through mud, water and rocks to capture all these stunning photographs of this gorgeous senior! The session ended on the historic streets of River Falls, for some glamorous urban shots! Graduate Session Location: Glen Park in River Falls, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | www.ciogiart.com | facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography | All Rights Reserved©

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Playing in the Leaves \\ Family Mini Session


We were playing in the leaves on this gorgeous fall day, for this families fall mini session! We photographed along the river at a local park in my beautiful hometown of New Richmond, WI. © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography – www.ciogiart.com –www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography – All Rights Reserved ©

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Photos by the Falls \\ Family


 The weather didn’t start out perfect for a family photo session; but cleared up just in time and the rain stayed away just long enough for us to get all these adorable photos! We photographed by Cascade Falls in downtown Osceola, during a typical Wisconsin fall day. I just love sessions of my old high school classmates and their families, I get to capture such an amazing time in their lives! © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography – www.ciogiart.com –www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography – All Rights Reserved ©

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Mornings Light \\ Children & Family


It was a perfect fall morning to spend time with this incredible family! We photographed right here in New Richmond along the creek on Paperjack Trail and at the Heritage Center just up the way. Its been such a joy watching them grow; I have had the pleasure of capturing these little cuties since the triplets were born! Family Session Location: The Heritage Center and Paperjack Trail in New Richmond, Wisconsin © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography – www.ciogiart.com –www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography – All Rights Reserved © 

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Love in the Big City \\ Engagement


 We started at the Booomsite which is one of my favorite locations along the St. Croix River in Stillwater, MN and ended at the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN which provided us with some stunning lit up cityscapes for a background! These two are so in love and in sync; you can see all the energy, love and spontaneity these two brought to each and every photograph! I cannot wait to watch these two say I do this fall! © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography – www.ciogiart.com –www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography – All Rights Reserved ©

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Beautiful Family of Four \\ Children & Family


What a gorgeous evening to spend with such an amazing family! We photographed at one of my favorite little parks along the Apple River in Star Prairie, WI. Tons of fun and laughter all around; as I’m sure you can see from the images, getting smiles from these guys was a breeze! © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography – www.ciogiart.com –www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography – All Rights Reserved ©

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Kissing in the Rain \\ Wedding


The ladies started their day with mimosas and laughter in their hotel room not far from the ceremony location. It was so beautiful watching as moms eyes welled up while she assisted her daughter in getting into her wedding dress.  Close family, friends and the bridal party gathered outside to share in the bride and grooms first look. There wasn’t a single dry eye watching as the couple looked at each other for the first time all day and sharing their love, such a perfect moment. The ceremony took place outdoors under a quaint little white gazeebo bordered by a field and a cute little pond just outside the reception location. As the guests arrived and were seated together awaiting the start of the ceremony, behind the scenes emotions started to heightened in excitement for the big moment when they would walk down the aisle and say, “I, do!” The…

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Happily Ever After \\ Wedding


It all started in Baldwin, WI at Mystical Rose Gardens, one of the most beautiful wedding venues I have ever had the pleasure of photographing a wedding at! The beautiful bride and her lovely ladies got ready in one of the cozy retreat buildings on site. I just love when a bride and groom decide to keep traditions alive by agreeing to not see one another until she is walking down the isle to meet him in matrimony! We still managed to do most of the formal photographs before the ceremony, being very careful to keep the blushing bride out of site of her husband to be. The ceremony was outside in a gorgeous courtyard surrounded by a white picket fence with flowers, shrubs and trees. The whole area was decorated so beautifully, from the homemade signs, the wood and flower filled mason jar center pieces, to the ladder photo…

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Class of 2014 Athlete \\ Graduate


We started this session at the local high school football field in New Richmond, WI before heading to Willow Falls in Hudson, WI. I had a great time with this class of 2014 graduate; learning just how much goes into football gear and prep as well as hiking along the riverside! We decided to do the studio session on a separate day because it was definitely time for a dinner break after all those great photos and all that walking! Senior Session Sports Location: Football Field in New Richmond, WI Senior Session Location: Willow Falls in Willow River State Park in Hudson, WI Indoor Studio Senior Session: In his home in New Richmond, WI ©CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | www.ciogiart.com | facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography | All Rights Reserved©

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Sweet Georgia Love!


When my really good friend asked me if I wanted to come down to Georgia and photograph his wedding to the woman of his dreams, I honestly couldn’t say y-e-s fast enough! Not only was I excited to capture such an amazing day in him and his fiances life, but I got to go to Georgia! Anyone who knows me can say the only thing I love more then photography is traveling! As I expected I had an incredible time hanging out with both of their amazing families, eating some of the best chicken wings I have ever had and experiencing southern hospitality at its best…which does exist by the way! So the big day…! The ladies started at the brides parents house doing hair, makeup and getting the bride ready for the biggest day of her life! While the bride was getting some final touches done to her hair, the grooms mother…

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Family Fun!


Such a loving, fun and charismatic family! When my friend and fellow photographer Ashley asked me to take her families Christmas photos this year I was truly honored. Her and her family picked a wonderful location filled with gorgeous sights and a beautiful stream! They were all very comfortable in front of a camera; their diverse and wonderful personalities were not hard to capture. There were a lot of laughs exchanged in my favorite shot of the day with the five siblings making faces at each other, priceless!

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Not Just Any Rainy Day…

groom kissing bride in the rain

Fall in Wisconsin can be very unpredictable and extreme at times, which can mean rain, sleet, snow or beautiful sunshine with a warm breeze. This day was one of those less desirable fall days, with a distinct chill in the air accompanied by a pretty heavy rainfall. Although, we didn’t let the rain stand in our way, as a matter of fact we got some of my absolute favorite bridal photos of all time. I just love how the rain adds so much romance, spontaneity and true emotion to the photos! I am so grateful and impressed at how the bride and groom rolled with the chilly weather and made the absolute best of it for the photos outside. Their true love and overall happiness shines through in all of these photos despite the less then perfect weather. We warmed up inside one of the historic buildings on the venues grounds…

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Charming Wedding on the Beautiful St. Croix River


        Dustin and Arianna’s big day started relaxed, at home surrounded by family and friends! The ladies had a great time primping themselves and lending a helping hand to Ari when time became elusive. After Ari was situated in her gorgeous wedding gown, we all headed to downtown Stillwater to check into the hotel and hit the streets for some one on one photo time. Stillwater is an amazing place to photograph; their incredible love for each other, the old buildings, breathtaking river views and the unique overall vibe of the city made for some wonderful photographs. Following the city photos, we headed to the marina to the boat where they were to be married. The ceremony was small but truly an joyous moment for everyone that attended. After the ceremony it was finally coming to that part of the evening where everyone gets to take a…

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Beach Portraits on Lake Superior


      She’s all grown up! Becca, accompanied by her loving mother and I, started the day at the beach on Lake Superior. With rumbling of the waves crashing along the beach, the fresh Superior air and the soft sand below our feet it was hard to not get carried away! Becca’s senior photos reflect her diverse personality to perfection, she is filled with life, laughter and beauty. Following Lake Superior, we headed for the heart of Duluth, Canal Park. Becca and her mother had never been to Canal Park before, so not only was this a great place to photograph, but I got to play tour guide as well! After a long day of smiling, changing, walking and jumping; we were all relieved to end the day with a bite to eat. Congratulations Becca, life awaits!

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A Whimsical Wedding


A couple made for each other! I first met Meghan and Dan when I photographed their engagement session for my friend and local photographer, Michael Solberg. I immediately knew that this couple would be forever! Later I was asked to assist Mike at their wedding, I was overjoyed to capture every moment of their gorgeous day with them! I was very impressed, the day started relaxed and perfectly on time. Meghan had every moment down to the minute on a very organized and well thought out syllabus for the whole day! Meghan and her ladies shared in many laughs while they were getting ready. Meanwhile Dan and his guys where relaxing downstairs waiting ever so patiently to begin getting ready! After the men were suited up and the ladies were back from Mike taking their photos; I met the guys at the wedding location, a gorgeous privately owned outdoor venue, for…

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Love is in the Air…


The love between this amazing couple is eternal! We had an amazing time exploring the great white north while capturing their amazing love for each other in these photos! Never a dull moment, the day was filled with laughter, love and well lots and lots of photos! I cannot wait until we are heading to Chicago for their wedding day, not only do they have a g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s ceremony venue booked just north of the big city of Chicago, but I get to be a crucial part of the beautiful day and capture these two love birds saying, “i do!” Location: Pattison State Park in Superior, WI © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | www.ciogiart.com | www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography | All Rights Reserved ©

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A Love Story of Two Musicians!

styled bride and groom kissing in a garden

          The day started a little busy with the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, the groomsmen waiting ever so patiently to begin getting ready and the family and friends assisting both the bride and the groom running around chaotically! During this time I was walking around this extravagant church; photographing wedding decorations, the hustle of people preparing for the ceremony and anything else that caught my attention about the whole day. As time became progressively closer to “show time,” the orchestra began playing and guests started filling the pews; emotions began to rise with excitement to share in this beautiful day with Anna and Ramiro! The ceremony was beyond beautiful, I was blown away by how you could feel the love these two people share with each other, especially during the exchange of their vows. From the ceremony location at St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in St.…

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A Story of Absolute Love


I’d like to say the day started like any other wedding day… but realistically what really is normal for a wedding?…  chaos, laughter, mimosas, excitement; well thats a start anyway! This amazing couple got married in my quant hometown of New Richmond, in our greatest city park by the name of Marys Park. There day was anything but “normal,” it was out of a fairy tail to say the least!  The girls got ready while sharing laughs inside a tent erected in the park, while beautiful horses and a buggy were being tended to and decorated right behind them. During the ceremony the crowd was showered with smiles and tears as the beautiful bride rode up to the aisle to begin her last walk as a single woman to the man of her dreams! After the ceremony we all jumped in our cars and headed to the reception site for a night filled…

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A Traditional Love Story


I would like to begin by saying these two are the nicest people I think I have ever met! They are entirely in love with each other, always smiling and all around genuine people! I really enjoyed capturing their amazing day while sharing laughs, stories and their union of love to each other! Wedding Ceremony Location: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in New Richmond, WI Wedding Reception Location: R&D Catering and Banquet Facility in New Richmond, WI © CiogiArt Lifestyles Photography | www.ciogiart.com |www.facebook.com/ciogiart.lifestyle.photography | All Rights Reserved ©    

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