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So excited to share these beautiful images from this couples incredible day! Our relationship have really bloomed into a great friendship from the very first consult, to the engagement session in downtown Stillwater, MN to their special day! It’s really great when I can be so comfortable with my clients, it allows me to truly capture their personalities and emotions! I am so excited to continue this friendship for life; what started as capturing their first kiss as man and wife can continue to capturing their one year anniversary, their maternity photos, their first child’s newborn photos, their  child’s first birthday and so on!

Now back to sharing their perfect day…!

We started the day in a quaint little room upstairs at the church; while the girls were getting ready I captured some truly beautiful images of her wedding dress, shoes and her other gorgeous bridal accessories. After everyone was ready, we headed downstairs for the first look photos, which led right into the family and formal photos. After capturing all the indoor photos the bride and groom grabbed a bite and took a moment to breathe! As guests were being seated and time grew closer, the excitement mounted for the big moment when they would final become man and wife! Watching her walk down the aisle to her best friend and one true love was nothing less then perfect!

The reception followed at the beautiful and highly recommended Little Log House Pioneer Village. This is my favorite reception venue to date; imagine walking back in time and arriving at a small pioneer town with authentic buildings, a gas station, railroad tracks, a replica of the old Hastings bridge and a gorgeous flower garden. The night ended with great food, fantastic music and great company! Thank you both so much for inviting me to capture and share in your beautiful day!

Wedding Date: 10-4-14
Ceremony Location: St. John’s Lutheran Church
Reception Location: Little Log House Pioneer Village in Hastings, MN

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Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-dress-detail Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-getting-readyCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-shoes-detail-pianoCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-details-brides-jewlery-rings-bouquetCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-dresses Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-groom-cufflings Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-Bride-Groom-ready-candid



Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-candid Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-party-bus-candidCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-Bride-Groom-bar-portraitCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-party-cheers-celebration-drink Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-romantic-warm-glow-wedding-bridal-portrait-swing Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-bride-groom-portrait-snuggle Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-bride-groom-portrait

Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bridal-party-candidCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bridal-party-bridesmaids-candidCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-old-gas-station-candid-bridal-portraitCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-portraitCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-bride-sister-portraitCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-cake-topperCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-cakeCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-cake-cutCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-reception-centerpiecesCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-reception-speeches Ciogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-reception-first-danceCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-recepion-father-daughter-danceCiogiart-Lifestyles-Photography-wedding-rings

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