Not Just Any Rainy Day…

Fall in Wisconsin can be very unpredictable and extreme at times, which can mean rain, sleet, snow or beautiful sunshine with a warm breeze. This day was one of those less desirable fall days, with a distinct chill in the air accompanied by a pretty heavy rainfall. Although, we didn’t let the rain stand in our way, as a matter of fact we got some of my absolute favorite bridal photos of all time. I just love how the rain adds so much romance, spontaneity and true emotion to the photos! I am so grateful and impressed at how the bride and groom rolled with the chilly weather and made the absolute best of it for the photos outside. Their true love and overall happiness shines through in all of these photos despite the less then perfect weather. We warmed up inside one of the historic buildings on the venues grounds for the evening wedding reception activities.

Wedding Date: 10-13-12
Wedding Ceremony and Reception Location: The Heritage Center in New Richmond, WI

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IMG_6875 IMG_6753 IMG_7661IMG_6858 groom kissing bride in the rainIMG_6620 IMG_6849 IMG_6601-Edit IMG_6571 IMG_7082 IMG_7058 IMG_7133 IMG_71681 IMG_7214 IMG_7262 IMG_6950 IMG_6969 IMG_6660 IMG_8027 IMG_8397 IMG_8808 IMG_8595 IMG_7980

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