Charming Wedding on the Beautiful St. Croix River

        Dustin and Arianna’s big day started relaxed, at home surrounded by family and friends! The ladies had a great time primping themselves and lending a helping hand to Ari when time became elusive. After Ari was situated in her gorgeous wedding gown, we all headed to downtown Stillwater to check into the hotel and hit the streets for some one on one photo time. Stillwater is an amazing place to photograph; their incredible love for each other, the old buildings, breathtaking river views and the unique overall vibe of the city made for some wonderful photographs. Following the city photos, we headed to the marina to the boat where they were to be married. The ceremony was small but truly an joyous moment for everyone that attended. After the ceremony it was finally coming to that part of the evening where everyone gets to take a deep breathe and start to relax! Food, wine and cake were served, speeches and the first dance followed and the night was brought to dock with an abundance of dancing!
Here are some of the shots from the day!
Ceremony and Reception Location: Riverboat on the St. Croix River from Stillwater, MN
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