Sweet Georgia Love!

When my really good friend asked me if I wanted to come down to Georgia and photograph his wedding to the woman of his dreams, I honestly couldn’t say y-e-s fast enough! Not only was I excited to capture such an amazing day in him and his fiances life, but I got to go to Georgia! Anyone who knows me can say the only thing I love more then photography is traveling! As I expected I had an incredible time hanging out with both of their amazing families, eating some of the best chicken wings I have ever had and experiencing southern hospitality at its best…which does exist by the way!

So the big day…!

The ladies started at the brides parents house doing hair, makeup and getting the bride ready for the biggest day of her life! While the bride was getting some final touches done to her hair, the grooms mother and I took the dress on the beautiful white deck for what ended up being a total wedding dress shootout, it was all hands on deck for this one and the photos turned out a-m-a-z-i-n-g! When the ladies were all ready to go we all headed to the church before the guys keeping it traditional, couldn’t risk the bride being seen!

Even in the early months of spring the Georgia weather can surprise you with drastically changing weather, much like it did on the day of the ceremony. The beautiful sunshine and warmer temperatures was the perfect addition to their already perfect day! The ceremony was as beautiful as anyone could imagine and the outdoor reception was a blast! Guests crowded the patio to watch the loving couple as they shared their first dance as man and wife! I couldn’t be more grateful to have been invited to travel to Georgia to capture timeless images of their precious wedding day!

Wedding Date: 3-30-2013
Ceremony and Reception Location: Nicholson, Georgia

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