Why an Engagement Session is so Important….

I am very passionate about everything engagements, weddings and celebrating love! So naturally I believe an engagement session is an essential piece of your wedding day plan when working with a professional photographer. The engagement session lets us as creatives get to know who you are as a couple, learn how you photograph, what makes you laugh, what doesn’t and everything in-between…not to mention the beautiful images you get to immortalize this time in your lives! Along with simply getting to know you both better, this type of session allows you to express your love for one another, get comfortable in front of the camera and get you used to being in the spotlight! It’s really important to know your photographer and how they work before you plan on spending your entire wedding day from start to finish with that person. If your personalities don’t match it can make your special day a little more stressful… nobody wants that, you’re going to have plenty of other things to worry about, and your photographer should NOT be one of them!

As a professional photographer I am here to help you, guide you through your day and assist in making your day fun and easy whenever I can. On every shoot whether it be a wedding, family or baby I consider myself the ‘creative director’ of the day; assisting in ideas/concepts, locations for photos, timeliness of events and ensuring things are getting done and accounted for. As a professional wedding photographer I have done this many times before and although every wedding is unique and should be treated as such, there are plenty of things that I have learned to expect that can help guide you to help ensure these elements run smoothly, so you can concentrate on being beautiful and getting married without the added stress!

Another reason to consider an engagement session with your chosen wedding photographer is the array of beautiful images you will have to happily display at your wedding reception… guests LOVE looking at photos, whether it’s our same day slideshow or your engagement and other cute couple photos on a beautiful wall display… trust me they love it!

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